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First Century Christianity was marked by a living faith that resulted in miracles of healing. At The Connection we believe this same faith is active today. We’re confident in what the scripture declares in Heb 13:8 that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (NIV) As proof of this let me invite you to read the personal stories of those you’ll find in this section. Here you will discover the testimonies of people who have experienced the reality of God’s virtue touching their lives in the realm of healing both in body and spirit. If you long to experience God’s reality in such a way please allow us to join with you in faith that God will touch you in a significant way.

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The prayer teams at the Connection witnessed an amazing move of God Thursday, as they prayed for 15 families/persons and saw God significantly touch every one that requested prayer! The teams felt the heavy presence of the Holy Spirit, as one after another the persons requesting prayer reported their pain was gone or that they had felt heat or “movement” in the impacted areas of their bodies. Two families also requested prayer for relationship issues, and felt God’s touch as the teams prayed for them (tears and hugs all around!). Three women walking with canes reported pain on levels from 8 to 10 (10 being the worst) in their knees and legs. After prayer , two reported they had no pain at all, and one said her arthritis pain had been reduced to less than a “2”. Another woman with level 8/9 pain in her shoulders and neck said she was completely healed, and when one member asked her to do the “backstroke” with her arms she was filled with joy as she was able to do it without any pain.

After the church announced several of these healings, many more people came forward with back pain, shoulder pain and hip pain. Everyone who received prayer said they regained significant mobility and substantial or complete relief from their pain. Two persons had reported the pain was so intense they almost did not come to the event, but they came because they needed the food. It turned out that they needed the prayer even more, and they praised God as each one reported the pain was a level one or none following prayer! One man with hip pain had a leg shorter than the other, and the team commanded the leg to grow in the name of Jesus. The pain left him, and he said he felt it grow as the team witnessed his feet and ankles coming together equally after having been about a half inch apart in length for many years. One team member felt pain “jump” to their shoulder while praying against shoulder pain in another person, but as the team continued praying the pain went away for both of them. Afterwards, one team member commented that it was like “Jesus Disneyland” because of all the miracles and joy being expressed for every person who participated.

In Feb 1, 2012, Hanna told us:
Just wanted to share that Jake (a Pastor’s son) whose in Christian Youth Theatre with my niece in Tucson, AZ (who asked us to pray for him) just got totally & completely healed of lymphoma! It’s 100% gone!

Bruce Betz’s mother, GeeGee:
Thank you everyone for your prayers. As you know, my mother was rushed to her local hospital then airlifted to another hospital for emergency brain surgery on Monday night. A blood vessel near her brain stem had ruptured and besides a lot of bleeding on the brain, a blood clot had formed near the brain stem. The doctors warned us that she might not even survive the surgery and further warned that if she did survive the surgery she may only exist in a vegetative state. In fact, after the surgery, Ralph (my mom’s husband) asked the doctor what kind of quality of life he expects she will have. The doctor’s answer underscored the seriousness of the situation as he said, “Let’s see if there is life before we talk about quality of life”.

By Tuesday morning, Mom was still unresponsive. They decided to put in a drain near the brain stem to try to relieve the pressure from the swelling and because the spinal fluid wasn’t draining like it should. In fact, the doctor exclaimed that this was the last hope or option they had, but PRAISE GOD, last night she opened her eyes and was able to respond to yes no questions and even move her feet, hands, and arms. This is a miracle! I just received word that she has been breathing on her own since 6:30 this morning (the last 6 hours) so they are going to remove her breathing tube. Furthermore, she recognized her husband upon his arrival this morning and even made some sarcastic and witty comments about how it was time to get out of the hospital.

The doctors want to wait, as it stands right now, until Friday to access how much damage the swelling of the brain and brain stem might have caused.

Thank you, again, for all your prayers!!! They are working!!
Let’s continue to pray for a complete recovery!
Thank you, Jesus!!

Nadia Eseka:
After I had had been getting sharp shooting pains on the left side of my chest followed by a migraine for many weeks David Torres prayed for me. Praise God for an answer to prayer.

Jodi Langdon:
After Mr. Torres preached on Sunday my heel no longer had pain.

Maria Gonzalez:
Maria Gonzalez fell 3 months ago and injured her right arm. She was in pain and felt a knot in her forearm. We prayed for her, I had one of the sisters place her hand on her forearm where the knot and pain was. After the prayer I asked Maria how her arm felt, she said the pain was gone. Amen Glory to God.

Wonderful news about my cousin Robert!!…This week he had his 36th birthday, and his most recent MRI showed no growth and no activity in the two brain tumors! It has been many months since his treatment was stopped. His doctors believed he would die by Thanksgiving, but instead…. his shunt was removed, and ….Robert has been able to take care of his two sons AND his house, even with a remodel!… without his mother staying with him. AND, he FEELS good, has energy, has a good appetite and a great attitude!
It seems like a miracle is taking place, doesn’t it? His mom, my cousin Ann, believes it is the answer to all of our prayers, and she asks now for prayers of thanksgiving, lots of them, and for continuation of prayer until the tumors are gone completely. We thank everyone for praying so faithfully all these months for this miracle, and for believing God for His mercy and healing love. God bless each and every one of you as you pray and “ask and keep on asking.”
With love and so much gratitude, Vicki

Sara Koefod:

As I was running last Saturday my knee began hurting very badly. I prayed for it like we were taught by the Dews. Praise God, it was healed and I ran the rest of the way on it. It has not hurt since. (March 2009)

I requested prayer for a job two weeks ago. I received a call on Friday evening and am starting to work tomorrow. Praise God! (March 2009)

Lin R-B:

God healed my big toe after four surgeries on one toe and two surgeries on the other. He told me He was starting with my feet so I would remember to stand on God’s word. He has also done a wonderful heart healing from my painful divorce. Starting means more healing to come, (Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Sleep Disorders, Memory Loss, etc.). I will also be praying for total healing for Beckah Bradley. No more shunts, health and whole tendons, muscles, spine, legs, etc. (March 2009)

Cheryl L.:

My sister suffered from much pain in here arms, elbow, back and knees. She also need clarity on some issues confronting her. Not only was here pain gone but she has received the clarity she needed. (March 2009)

Diane G.:

I had oral surgeries in February. I took a lot of vitamins. God healed me fast. (March 2009)

Jessica E.:

On Friday February 27, 2009 my husband Luis was the only person to be able to work at his job. One of the managers told him that he and his cousin didn’t need to worry about being laid off when work was slow in the summer, that they will have work year round. (March 2009)

Vicki G.

Nancy Zone prayed over my left shoulder which I could not move without pain. After prayer I moved it every which way and raised my arm. NO PAIN. Sally Ganan prayed over me for teeth and throat infections. All my symptoms are gone. (March 2009)

Mae Brown:

Thank God for new strength and health. I was sick with a cold and bronchitis from September 2008 until recently. Medication for this caused a fungus. I was sick, weak and in pain all through the holidays. The church was faithful to pray. I am grateful to be back in church. (March 2009)

Red Henderson :

I have a job opportunity in Bakersfield that God has given me the strength to try. God gave me the stamina to handle the job. (March 2009)

Nancy Zone :

I fell down and hit my head and tailbone in the prayer line. I was hurt and disoriented. I fought with faith against fear. Monday I went to work in pain and also began a sinus infection that progressed until Saturday night. Today, Sunday morning I am completely healed from both attacks. (March 2009)

Susan Napolitano:

My neck is healed. Praise God. Tiffany was told she has cancer but God has started healing her. There is no cancer and she is recovering. (March 2009)

Judy Skolnick:

I have always had an over active Thyroid. No medicine was tolerated. After the Dews’ visit, I decided to have my blood tested. The test came back normal. (March 2009)

The Flint Family:

The ship which Reeves is traveling has struggled with mechanical issues. On a previous “work up” (time out at sea to prepare for deployment). The Lord lead Reeves after a conversation with the Captain to lay hands on the equipment in concern and pray for God to make it work. God answered the prayer and evidently made an impression on the Captain.

As they started deployment he was asked to pray they could stop in Hawaii for a day. He (& we) did pray. They stopped in Hawaii for several days as they were addressing mechanical issues. Then they left but came back almost immediately as the decision was made that they needed more work on the ship. After staying there for most of the week and the pressure to move on was great, the Captain sent someone to escort Reeves down to the problem area to pray for the problem.

Reeves was able to get a quick call to us for prayer. As we gathered I remember Joel praying make it happen “immediately”. We wanted all to know it was already God’s working. Reeves laid hands on the equipment and on the people hard at work and prayed.

The next morning at the staff meeting, the Captain shared that after Reeves prayed every thing fell together and started working and they were finally pulling out. It seemed to once again be acknowledged that it was God’s answer to prayer that solved the problem. (February 2009)

A few days later, Reeves heard the story circulating that not only was the equipment working but the equipment that helps the ship make water was producing more water than the text book says it should. Praise God for his Mercy, loving kindness, faithfulness and power. And thank all you who have been praying. God’s answering these prayers in many ways such as this. (February 2009)

Debra C.

My best friend’s husband was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. No one had money coming in and they have custody of their daughter’s five children. They had been evicted from their last home. Now they have money coming in and are able to buy a four bedroom/four car garage home for $129,000 in Nampa, Idaho . He just had another round of Chemotherapy and will still know how successful. He was able to attend a family reunion. He was able to attend both his son’s and daughter’s wedding and walk her down the aisle.

Laura C.

Three weeks ago Barbie (my daughter) was carrying groceries into the house when she rolled her ankle of the edge of the sidewalk landing on the opposite knee. She broke her left ankle and her right knee cap. Both legs are now broken confining Barbie to a wheel chair. I drove to Arizona to help. After about 3-4 days, I realized although I had prayed for her I needed to lay hands on her and pray for her. So, I did. I asked God to heal her bones as if they had never been broken. On the ninth day at the Orthopedic Dr.’s the x-rays showed that God had healed her bones & that it showed as if they had never been broken. She still has a lot of soft tissue damage however it is healing at a rapid rate. On the tenth day she began using crutches by the twentieth day she was using crutches only. She is continuing to miraculously heal through God’s healing power. Praise God!

Kathleen B.

I had shingles and many complications for two months. The Sunday of the twentieth anniversary, we met Ernie O. in the hall of the church. He prayed over me and two days later, I began to feel better. I have continued to progress since. Praise the Lord.

Bryan H.

Jaime for prayed for my back last Sunday morning. My back had been hurting for a week and a half. 1 chiropractic and 2 massages did no good. When I came to Jaime, my left mid back hurt all the way to my ribs. I pressed on my left rib because I thought it might be broken. After you prayed, my left rib was almost pain free. However, my mid back still hurt. I was not comfortable standing or sitting in church. I went to lunch and the Lord told me to pray for a gentleman at the table in front of me. I prayed for him silently while sitting at my table. My back pain reduced significantly. Then, I went and got a drink. I sat at a table with hard chairs. I was able to sit and be comfortable. My back was still week but now Friday appears normal. I went to the Chiropractor Monday and she says it’s a lot loser. I told her it was the prayers and not the adjustments that worked.

Bryan H.

The biopsy on my nose came back benign. Praise God!

Estella P.

Saturday morning, I had a word of knowledge come fourth about a middle toe on the left foot. Months before I had stubbed my toe on my left foot and I think I broke it. From time to time I would check on it and notice that the pain was still there. After that word came forth, PB prayed for me and during the first break, I noticed my toe wasn’t hurting anymore.

The Henderson’s:

Our son-in-law Robby is back from Aphganistan! He is a captain in the Air Force.

Riget B.

Well I was just sitting in worship and my ankle which hurt very much stopped hurting. Upon further prayer, throbbing pain in my hand was lifted. I can now bend the finger!

Roger G.

We prayed as a congregation for my mom Mary Fisher. She had stage four pancreatic cancer and I prayed for her everyday. Today she has no trace of cancer.

Roger G.

I hurt my ankle yesterday and could barely move it. All the men at the retreat prayed over me and today I have no pain at all.

Cindy H.

Two years ago I was seen by three doctors and a specialist. They all said I had Macular Degeneration in my right eye. Eleven months of Dye Pictures all showed the Macular Degeneration. Then I spent six months of doing nothing except giving it to God and lots of prayer. I saw the specialist last Monday and he can NO LONGER see Macular Degeneration only a small spot of scar tissue on the right retina. I am healed.

Amee V.

I broke my foot two and a half weeks ago. I was prayed for my broken foot. I could feel God healing me and the swelling in my foot went down before the end of the service. Now my foot fit in my shoe without the shoe being tight due to swelling.

Frances T.

Saw the doctor Monday and he cut the Diabetes medications in half again. If I am the same next month, all Diabetes medications will be gone! High blood pressure medications have been cut in half too! Praise the Lord. He is a healing God.

Dorthe R.

On Friday, February 8, you called me and I had the terrible cold. My nose was swollen shut and running like a faucet. You prayed for me and Saturday my cold was almost gone. It was totally gone by Sunday!! “I am feeling GREAT!!!!”

Frances T.

Doctor’s Report: Blood Sugar normal Blood Pressure normal. Less diabetes medication needed now. Thick muscle tissue in right shoulder is healing. The Pulmonary Fibrosis IS NOT advancing! PRAISE THE LORD!! Healings have begun!! “I cannot thank my brothers and sisters in the Lord who pray!”

Trish C.

We got a “GO” from my sister Lynn to donate a kedney to son-in-law Jeff for October 16th. They have done many tests over the past two months. A test would come back negatively and when re-tested they would be OK. This happened on a number of different tests. The ups and downs were very hard for their family but GOD IS FAITHFUL! Pease continue to keep Lynn, Jeff and Family in your prayers. I am grateful to God and for your prayers!

Phyllis R.

Two months ago I went to the doctor concerned about some symptoms. I had a biopsy and received a good report this last week. After many praying, all tests were benign. I thank you for your prayers!

Silvia M.

In our previous 3 day fast & prayer meeting we prayed for my younger brother to get a job. He is married and his wife has a baby on the way. He was laid off suddenly without notice. We prayed and this past week received a phone call from him. He got a job making almost twice as much money. He applied for many positions but doesn’t remember applying for this one. PRAISE GOD!!!!!

Flora G.

Flora had a massive tumor in her chest which was blocking the esophagus so she couldn’t eat or drink. George was going to a business meeting on a Monday night but the lord told him to go see Flora in the hospital. George and his cousin prayed for Flora. Two days later the doctors were preparing to put a stent in Flora’s esophagus but could not find the cancer in her chest.

Lisa O.

My husband has been putting out job applications. On Sunday Pastor Bob prayed a blessing over the congregation, especialy for financial blessings. We accepted it as assurance of His provision for us. That week he got his job and started work right away. God is good!

Belen S.

My mother was diagnosed with Liver Cancer, (Two golf ball size tumors). We requested prayer from the church for God’s intervention. The Dr. wanted to know what happened because the tumors are now the size of peanuts. We told him that it was because we are members of a Spirit filled church who believes in prayer. Praise God!

Margaret K.

Thank you to each one of you for your faithful prayers for my friend, Carla. We have a huge victory to share. Carla has 100% donor bone marrow cells and there is no cancer (Lymphocyte Leukemia cells) in her body. God gets the glory for a wonderful miracle.

My heart is overflowing with rejoicing at the marvelous wonders of our God and how He uses the faithful to accomplish His purposes.

Lacey A.

We prayed for healing of my sister’s unborn baby who was having complications due to RH incompatability with the mothers blood. They had undergone treatment but it had not worked. A week after we prayed my sister called to say every thing was now ok.


Dear Friends in Christ at CLA Church,

I want to share with you the healing that has taken place in my life, because YOU were a really big part of the outcome.

I was in a car wreck on September 2nd, 2004. Three cars piled into the back of me when I was stopped at a light on my way to work one day. In that instant, my life was changed. My body suffered whiplash, a bulged disk at C-6 and C-7, and, post traumatic stress. For five months, it was all I could do just to go to work. I had headaches so bad, the minute I got home at night, I laid down on the couch with my new best friend — an icepack. I’d go to work, then hit the couch. All outside activities stopped. I quit hanging out with friends, didn’t go to choir practice at my church, I just isolated myself in order to survive.

Honestly, I was frightened that I would not be able to work. I’ve always worked and need a job to make it in this world. I just thought if I didn’t get well, I wasn’t sure I could take care of myself. These were the negative thoughts that I was entertaining in my head. What If? And that question most often seemed to have a negative answer. The enemy was having his way with me – in spades!

Medically, there were lots of chiropractor appointments, and appointments with a neurologist, an extremity specialist (I suffered tremendous pain in my right arm — the one I make my living as an administrative assistant). Tests such as an MRI, at CT scan, and appointments for physical therapy, were all among the new path I was walking. I ultimately have had over 150 doctor appointments.

After the headaches went away (5 months), I just couldn’t get up off that couch. Unknown to me at the time, it was clinical depression I was suffering from. The doctors weren’t able to figure it out, and really weren’t helping me much. The whole thing was frustrating me beyond my coping skills. Eventually, my preferred care physician diagnosed my condition and prescribed Cymbalta, an anti-depressant for pain-induced depression.

This is where you come in! I was visiting your church with my daughter, Nicci, and an offer was extended to the congregation to come to the altar for healing. Sister Ruth Ann and Nicci laid hands on me, and other saints among you, and prayed for my healing. It was a heart-felt moment for me to feel God’s Love through all of you, and my needs being laid at His feet. When I returned to Tulsa, I asked my women’s Sunday School to lay hands on me and pray for me, which they also did. That was in November of 2005.

Today is Palm Sunday. I just wanted to tell you that God has healed me of my depression. I finished the anti-depressants a month ago. No more headaches. My arm is working very well, the trembling I had in my hand is gone. My heart is full of joy. I don’t lay on the couch anymore. I’ve got my life back — only a better life. Because I can tell you He is the reason I’m well and restored. You were the vessel. Thank you so much.

For those of you suffering with this terrible condition, just know it is possible to be healed from it. There is hope! Depression is a dark, debilitating place. It felt like an elephant had his foot on me and I could physically not move. The slightest event was just too much to deal with. I didn’t care about too much.

But now, the sun is out, it is a beautiful day, and God’s healing is mine. It was not instantaneous, but it was in the manner He does most things for me — when I was ready to receive it.

Thank you for your beautiful spirit as a church, and your outreach to those among you who are hurting, sick and needing a doctor — the ultimate healer — our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He binds up our wounds, and makes us whole, so that we can spread His Good News to others.

This experience has just strengthened my witness, and has given me yet another understanding of someone else’s journey where I can step in for Jesus and give them His Love and His Encouragement and His Hope for their lives.

About 20 years ago, Jesus revealed to me my purpose for this life. Here is the scripture he gave to me:

Matthew 5:14 Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.

Thank you, CLA, for helping God turn my light back on!

Crystal O.

Our Daughter has had severe eczema on most of her body all of her life. (The itching has been so bad at times that her scratching caused her to bleed.) She was prayed for on Sunday not to doubt Gods Healing Power. In class on Monday she noticed that she wasn’t itching. When she went to the bathroom to look she realized she was completely healed. Praise God for His Faithfulness.

Christina S.

I have been praying that God would send me the perfect job. I have just been offered that job.

Darlene P.

Two Sundays ago the Worship Team called for prayer for people who needed a job. Brian and I prayed together and I thanked Him for the job that I would get on Monday. Monday morning I got a job.

Josh K.

I quit my job and took a 3 mo. assignment so that I could help with the youth group. The assignment has now been extended indefinitely.

Rosemary C

I want to thank God for all the kindnesses Bill and I have been shown by CLA throughout his illness. I want to give a special plug for our Care Group who cared for and showed us the love we needed. How can anyone go through a crisis without a connection with fellow Christians?

Red H.

After prayer last week the healing started immediately in my knee and left foot.


All the cancer that was found is now gone. No lymph node invovement (apparent). No chemo or radiation treatment is required. thank you all for your prayers, well wishes and words of encouragement. Gold bless you all.

Jim and Frances

Our daughter Karen had a lump in her thyroid. It shrunk after one week of medication. The surgeon was going to do surgery, suspecting cancer. They were also going to do knee surgery. The Lord has strengthened her knees.


Praise God for my new job! The man raised the original offering salary from $12/hr to $14/hr and called me back after I had first refused it! God blessed me!


Praise God for healing my left shoulder. I had been in severe pain for three nights. I used pain patches, pills and salve to no avail. I went to the altar this morning to receive God’s living water and someone laid their hand on my shoulder and I could feel heat in that area. I tested the Lord by raising that arm and no more pain! Praise Him, Praise Him!


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